Saturday, 7 July 2007


I just made proper lemonade! Yay! Well, more or less lemonade. It's also got a grapefruit in it because I had one.

6 large lemons, or 4 lemons and a grapefruit. Or Equivalent mixture of citrus fruit to give a similar surface area, if you see what I mean.
About 150g granulated sugar.

Wash the lemons. Pare the zest from 3 of them (potato peeler's good for this, if you don't have a zester, and frankly who does?), trimming any white pith from the strips afterwards. This is slightly laborious, but it's essentially the only bit of effort involved in the whole thing. The pith is bitter, and makes the lemonade taste yukky if you leave it on, so it's pretty necessary. Add the juice of all the fruit to the prepared zest and add 1.4l of boiling water and the sugar. Cover and leave overnight. Taste for sweetness, strain and chill if desired.

I'll let you know the actual success tomorrow, when mine's matured.

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