Wednesday, 16 April 2008

So it's been a while...

I've been busy...sorry. Not sure doing what exactly. Stuff. Turning the garden into a garden. Looking after the fish and the rats. Going to Cornwall. Seeing the last of my beautiful beautiful Kiri dog, who died suddenly last week, aged only 9. That kind of thing.

Job's going quite well, actually. Been in Southend today for a meeting, which was really good fun. I'm just debating whether or not working in an industry I'm quite interested in with people who are lovely makes up for the fact that it's really not very well paid. The arts are great and everything, but the things I enjoy about this job are nothing to do with the arts - they're the data analysis and the solving problems for people. So I don't know. I'm certainly going to stay here for a year or two, because less than that would be silly, but I'm really not convinced I'll be staying. Who knows.

I'm off to Ireland in a couple of weeks with Elaine and Carl and Christian and some other friends of mine and Carl's...looking forward to it. Might head down to Cornwall for the Bank Holiday at the end of May, but that just depends.

I'm also rediscovering how much I adore crime dramas. Especially the old ones where the slightly crooked but good hearted copper beats crime to the annoyance of authority. So excuse me, I have Frost to watch.