Thursday, 19 July 2007


The weather's SILLY. Actually great fun though - enormous thunder storms that last seconds, then proper July sunshine. It's annoying, because I haven't spent ANY time lying on any grass, which means my Italian tan has more or less entirely faded. I'm keep meaning to give it a shot, but the trouble is I don't live right next to any grassy patches, such that I could run inside when the heavens open and not get drenched. I live close, don't get me wrong, but probably not close enough. Bah. Might give it a shot this afternoon though - need to get out of the flat for a bit.

I went to do the double bill of current kids films yesterday; Shrek 3 followed by Harry Potter. (*SPOILERS FOLLOW*) Both good fun, but distinctly lacking in plot. Shrek was more or less as expected - they need to flesh out events a bit more. There was a bit in a high school that could have been quite fun, but got skimped on, and in general the whole story went by so quickly that they were missing the chance to make it really entertaining. Bah. Harry Potter was actually similar. The book (The Order of the Phoenix) is really long, and they clearly had to pick highlights and put them up. They were, I think, relying on viewers having read the books a) to follow the story and b) even to understand who was which character. They changed a load of plot points, clearly for time reasons, such that events have different meanings and people do different things. The only bits I thought they did at all well were the DA meetings - I thought the spells were done really well and it was great to watch. I also loved Luna Lovegood. I know the Irish thing is a stereotype and it was slightly annoying from that point of view (see below), but she was great to watch and generally lovely. She wasn't what she is in the books at all, and she gave the whole film a Lord of the Rings air, but if you accepted you weren't really watching Harry Potter anymore, it was good.

The thing that annoys me most about the films is when they change things that seem to me fundamental in the books, particularly the ordinariness of magic in the magic world. Luna shouldn't be fey and beautiful, she should be like the weird kid in every other school. Kingsley Shacklebolt shouldn't be dressed in north African robes but should look like every other British wizard character except be black. Wizard society reflects the makeup of the rest of British society - yes there are people from different ethnic groups who wear traditional clothes all the time, but there are more who are second or third or even more generation, who wear western clothes and have ordinary UK accents rather than the accent of their ancestral country. It's something I think Rowling goes out of her way to suggest in the books - there are poor families and rich families and families from various ethnic backgrounds, as well as the muggle-born and the pure blood wizard families. I can deal with them changing things so long as they don't change the world too much, but that annoys me.

Anyway, courtesy of Charlotte, here's a spoof from someone called mistful. Enjoy!


  1. I agree with some of your comments on HP - especially about Luna and characterisation. I think on balance though I liked what they'd done to get it into a film format - it's not an easy book to deal with as not much happens - and that's kind of the point of the book, but doesn't work in a film. It did annoy me though that they'd changed the geography of the school surroundings, and (worse IMO) the colour balance / lighting throughout the film compared with Goblet... Annoying and distracting.

    Ah well. Must stop procrastinating now.

  2. Meh. I meant to bitch about Hermione, because she's usually a major issue for me. She's probably ok in anything else - I just think she's hopeless at this character. She's clearly never met anyone like who she's playing. And she's too conscious of herself - you can watch her thinking. I suspect I was in a bad mood because of the talking of the foreign kids in front, which was NON-STOP.