Saturday, 3 January 2009


Have been watching films with Carl. I've lost my Black Books, which is something of a disaster. We drank half a large bottle of vodka and made inroads into the whiskey. He liked my pork chilli-cum-goulash stew thing, that I made to christen the new pot my parents gave me for Christmas. I was pleased with it, and shall repeat. We watched Fight Club and Garden State. The first I love, until the kind of twist at the end, at which point I would rather live in the fantasy. The second is very high up in my top ten films ever. I cry from half way through until the end, but in a kind of good way. Heh. That's never going to make anyone watch it. It's one of the most beautiful and touching films ever made, without being sentimental or pushy or anything. That and the soundtrack is inspired (Simon and Garfunkel, The Shins, Iron & Wine, Nick Drake, Coldplay...are all of the artists I can remember...). I love the end. You should watch it. Beauty in simplicity.

I've had too much to drink and it's early in the morning. I need to sleep. I've needed sleep for days, but am not very good at it. Must practice more...

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