Monday, 18 January 2010


...I've been posting some very long and moderately complicated thoughts about agnosticism over on Philip's blog.  Which is my excuse for not having had anything serious to put here for a little while.  There are a lot of words in those comments, but the whole conversation is one that I feel coalesces some old thoughts quite neatly.  It addresses why, for me, agnostic is all that I can be, despite leanings towards atheism.  I will always sit on the fence.  I will never say never.  It might be a little uncomfortable, but you get a good view from every angle.

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."
(Hamlet 1:5:166-7) 

 It's been a long time since I read any Hume - he's an interesting member of the C18th British Empiricists that I could never muster much enthusiasm for at university.  They make some very interesting points as a group, but for the most part I wish they would say it in one tenth or less of the volume of Latinate prose.

I've also been playing with a film scanner lent me by the inimitable Graham.  I'm pleased with the results, and I'm learning masses about processing quality, film speeds and their effects and what difference a camera makes.  See some of my favourites scattered through this post from the last month or so, posted purely for self-gratification plskthanxbi...

P.S. Tomorrow, I intend to make crumpets and start making bacon.  And read some more of some of the many decent books sitting on top of my wardrobe to read...  Usual blog fodder again :-).


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