Monday, 15 December 2008


There are some people for whom it is impossible, however hard they try, ever to look elegant, or even neat. I am one of those people. I don't know why it should be. The curly hair is part of it, but even that. The suit, the shoes, the shirt - they can all be tastefulish in themselves, but on one person they will come together and look polished, and on another they will always look awkward. Like me in dresses. Me in suits, I just look like a schoolgirl. Worse, in fact, because I looked neat and polished as a schoolgirl, and could even pull of the chic slightly bedraggled old jumper look. I will put the clothes on tomorrow, and they might even be ironed by then, but I won't look anything more than functional - so I hardly see the point in ironing. The shirt is new, and fits perfectly, for once, which might be something I suppose. Mostly I think elegance is to do with looking comfortable. In which case, I ought to look most elegant and together either in old tracksuit bottoms and a fleece 4 sizes too big, or in jeans, boots and a knitted jumper. Bah.


  1. Please don't confuse looking 'neat' with looking 'good'. You look 'good'...

  2. Whilst agreeing with the above, I don't think you've ever really tried to cultivate an elegant image, it's never been your style. The few times you dress up in a semi formal and reserved manner, you look as elegant and refined as anyone has any right to. You just don't do semi formal and reserved very often. That, to my mind, has been a choice, not a limitation. if you really want to be elegant it is very easily within your grasp.

    Furthermore, elegance as you define it here takes effort, constant preening, and a general level of obsession with your appearance that you don't really have most of the time. I'd see that as a positive thing, not a negative one.

  3. I am reminded of a phrase used by someone in work, that a friend had been "covered in glue and thrown into an Oxfam shop."

    I'm not saying that applies to you, I just think it's funny.

    PS Anon 1 here, Anon 2 is a t*t.

  4. I'm so curious as to who you both are. I'm pretty sure I know who 2 is, but there are two people that could be 1...

    I still hate dressing up, but thank you for saying nice things. :-)

  5. I don't check for a fortnight and suddenly you're posting again!

    I always feel it's something akin to feeling like you're dressing up as a grown up but not feeling like it!

  6. Heh, yes, sorry about could be forgiven for thinking I'd almost given up! I'm sure that recent fervour won't last, but you can take posting frequency of the last few weeks as symptom of how much I realised I missed it!

    If you look at it like that, I suppose it's partly to do with the fact that I don't feel grown up. At all. And am actively seeking to remain not grown up...