Wednesday, 9 July 2008


I think I just managed not to get a job through being semi-vegetarian. Great. Ah well. Just feeling slightly under-valued at work and looking for ways to make them think they have to work harder to keep me. We shall see.

For those that should know these things, I'm single for the first time in years and thoroughly enjoying it. It's much less hard work than being in a relationship. I'm thinking about getting a cat and using men as playthings when required. But I'm ALWAYS thinking about getting a cat. It'll be a Siamese, with a silly name. But I need to (a) find somewhere to live/work that I don't intend to move from/leave in the foreseeable future, (b) a cat-friendly landlord, (c) cat-friendly housemates and (d) money.

Bah. Right. Time to go to work.


  1. Hmm, using men as playthings. Never really managed to master that one or, you know, talking to them. Although thinking about it maybe that's notrequired.

  2. I was mostly being facetious. I don't REALLY intend for that to happen, though I'm certainly not looking for another relationship for the time being...