Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Whitepark Bay tideline

whitepark tideline.JPG
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I was pleased with this. Taken slightly to the west of the Giant's Causeway, on a beach that faces the Mull of Kintyre, with my old Minolta. Getting back into the film trick. Need things to take photos of in black and white, now...

Ireland was lovely. We have a new puppy. I'm between houses, for what looks like the rest of the year. Chaos. But it's May Week, and many brothers are around, including one with a bonus broken ankle (from jumping out of a plane (with parachute) and hitting the ground harder than he meant to). Johns' fireworks are going off as we speak, and I can hear the Water Music all the way across the city.

I need to find a way to heat the rats. I'm thinking about a heat lamp like they use for chickens, and some sort of thermostatic switch. They'll be alright until it starts getting colder, then I need to find a way of keeping them warm.

The world's a bit crazy at the moment. I could do with a hug.


  1. set them on fire

  2. Helpful suggestions always appreciated.

  3. I'm worried about the reliability of solar power in the winter. If it was just me, it would be fine, but I CAN'T keep the rats in a place that's too cold from them and from which they can't escape. My book says not below 4 degrees, but I was aiming closer to 8 or nine. Meh. Solar would PROBABLY be ok, but I'm just not convinvced...