Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Every little thing.

 It's funny what makes a day brilliant, really.  Buying a pheasant helped make mine:

 - Finding own way to butcher's even with not much of a map and never having driven into that part of the country (tick!)
 - Hoping that they had a pheasant and them having a pheasant (tick!)
 - Them splitting some bacon for me into the tiny quantity I wanted to buy (tick!)
 - Two minutes conversation with the butcher about roasting times for said bird that made me feel like a grown up (tick!)
 - Finding way home, despite not LOOKING at the map (tick!)

On top of all of that, the day began incredibly early with breakfast at Tatties with Leigh, which was a totally wonderful way of starting, then running into Sam who said I can sing a *carol service* on Friday and gave me an amazing hug, which was EXCITING, and then seeing Carl and finishing the Christmas shopping by dipping into gifty arty shops, which was pretty and fun and peaceful.  And I came home and went for a full 40 minutes long fast run that made me feel like I'd beaten something.  And my daddy bought me a train ticket home for Christmas and found out that the cheapest available is a first class one.  And I went to the (Abbey) theatre and saw a mass of people I love dearly, including some I haven't seen for a whole! eight! years! and told them about exciting things like driving to Pompeii and auditioning for choirs (not yet, and only if I'm brave).

And tomorrow, I'm cooking the pheasant and seeing Martin.  And on Sunday I will see more people I love at the theatre.  And Tuesday?  Tuesday, I'm going to the SEASIDE.  In December. !! *AND* may be having the first of two Christmas dinners of next week, depending on the timings.

So...I'm less phased than I might be by the fact that I have found out that a close friend is pretty ill, another friend appears to have been pretty ill but I know no details, by the fact (not on the same level) that I couldn't find Jerusalem artichokes in Sainsburys, by the fact that people I'm dying to talk to and adore can't get onto the internet to talk to me (or, indeed, do anything).  I will find out, if appropriate, what is going on in people's lives and then bake for them, also if appropriate, and tell them all I love them because I can't do much else but I do make amazing brownies (one day that post will have pictures...which sounds like an excuse).


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