Friday, 13 March 2009

Pure vent.

I dislike the tone of this article. Depression does not equal a pre-disposition to murder. It was a terrible, tragic thing to happen, but frankly the guy appears to be disturbed in some way. This article risks damaging the very small amount of progress we as a global society have made towards de-stigmatising mental illness.

Cross. Have a less cross post I'm half way through, perhaps I'll unruffle feathers by finishing that.


  1. Sigh..I have seen that happen in articles before. People trying to assign some sort of reason and logic to something inherently illogical.

    If depression were enough to make one go on a killing rampage, I would be responsible for the deaths of thousands at this point. :)

    (I'm not, just to be clear!)

  2. Ah, yes, I saw that and thought it was absolutely ridiculous. For heaven's sake, just because someone's a bit depressed is no reason to assume they're going to do what that boy did. Granted, you could argue it wouldn't have happened if the guns hadn't been there, but they were legally owned and the boy was trained. Besides, I assume that if the parents had though their son's condition was really poor, they would have locked them up to prevent him from harming himself. They're just searching for someone to place some blame on. Like that's going to make anyone feel better.