Monday, 28 January 2008

If your 'Hazel' stops working for any reason, or fails to give satisfaction, please return to manufacturer with original packaging, and a replacement product or full refund will be forthcoming. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Life ok. Job reasonably interesting. First meeting with clients on Wednesday. Meh. Should know what I'm talking about by then. Erk. Might have joined GSM choir. Not sure. Bit hard to tell. Will find out Wednesday. Rescued Carl from A&E yesterday, where he was because he hurt his wrist. Christian in States, so am animal sitting, and occasionally scrounging the double bed. Am actually spending Time at home though. Eating shit. Always do when it's just me. Run out of money. Can't pay Feb's rent until I get paid for Jan. Crap. Went running yesterday, because it was gorgeous - stiff as a board today. Went for AGES, rather than just being unfit (am that too, but it's not like I've done no exercise at all the last few months (coffee shop job on feet all day, fair amount of cycling)...if had gone for the normal 15 I'd have been fine, but went for 45...), but still.



  1. Ooh what's the refund worth? Not sure you're failing to give satisfaction, but I suppose I can keep my options open...

    Sorry, couldn't resist :)

    Missing you - glad spending time home - I'll be back soon to make you cook me good food (I'm eating shit too)


  2. Sounds very intriguing!

    I've managed to run for about 10-15 minutes a few times since being back in manchester, and found it so incredibly difficult! Am still trying though :)

  3. Keep going! It gets easier! I tend to set myself a route and watch myself doing it faster as the weeks go're meant to run for the same TIME and increase the distance...I just like watching the time go down. THEN you increase the distance and do it again. Much more satisfying, unless you just run cos it's fun...