Monday, 29 October 2007

Cafe culture.

Arg. Someone very earnestly taught me how to mop the floor today. I couldn't quite believe it. And then told me I'd done very well for my first day. Oh how dull. Meh. I hope I can work busy shifts, or I'm going to go spare. It's money and it's near home. Hopefully the dullness will spur me into getting a real job. I don't think I actually said I got the job, but clearly I did. It was funny today - at least two people walked in asking for work to be told 'the position has been filled' (a line which always makes me think of a snooty lady telling a dog that...way to tell if you watched Mary Poppins too many times as a child). It made me suspect I should be a little more grateful for the job.

I only had a few 'I'm WAY more qualified than this' moments. I did already know that the manager has a psychology degree, though I don't know from where or anything more about him. I suspect he's almost exactly my age, though looking at him I'd say younger. The owner is German and about 50 and cool, and everyone else is a teenage girl or a foreign girl, but nice enough for all that.

Other than that, the weekend had a lot of housewarmings in it. The first one, for John and Fish, was more than a little debauched, and I tried to get hammered, which I've been needing to do for AGES. Didn't succeed, really, though I did have a lot of really strange things to drink and an enduring hangover. It was just one of those long and slightly high nights instead of one of those reckless crazy ones that I wanted it to be. Good fun though. It was a night involving semi-nudity AND cheesecake. What more could be required?

I've got Wednesday off. Sadly I have nothing to do in it other than try and find some jobs to apply for. And then I have Saturday, when I'm watching James and the Giant Peach in Cambridge and pondering trying to get myself some Cam producing work.

Shifts worked: 1
Number of teachers served coffee to personally: 0 (though Mr McGuinness was in today, but he didn't recognise me)
Job interview to rejection ratio: 1:4

I'm missing people - if you suspect I mean you, I do. No more than that, but I thought you'd want to know. xxx


  1. Good luck with the job hunting. I rather suspect that you'll have a lot more of those "I am waaaay to qualified to be doing this" moments.

    You learned to mop the floor. ooo! The excitment is astounding. :P

    PS - aka Canute/Noodles/Melinda/the weird one who lives in Switzerland, just in case you didn't know that alreay.

  2. I've remembered you're who you are now! Also, the hint's in the dog. Even if I wouldn't recognise YOU if I actually saw you in the flesh, I'd definitely recognise Biscuit...!

    Heh, and the teacher who came in today was teasing me about mopping the floor in a coffee bar. *sigh*.