Wednesday, 8 August 2007

French pics.

framboises jaunes
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I've just posted the pictures I took in the French Alps - see here. I wanted to share this one with you...have you ever seen YELLOW raspberries?! They tasted, actually, just the same as pink ones, but they're an awesome colour. Weird.

Particular French favourites include this one, which is a supershroom. Have decided mushrooms make awesome photo subjects, along with snails. I even passed that particular fetish on to my dad, who spent a quantity of time photographing a French snail which had considerable size on my humble Cambridge specimen. Other highlights were a waterfall picture I'm really quite pleased with, and this one of the cloud flowing down the hill over a town called Avoriaz (which you can't see, it's under the cloud at the top of a sheer cliff...).


  1. I've not heard of white raspberries before, but my mum's got a quite a few white strawberries like these:

    They're lovely. If I remember I'll get a pot from her when I have a garden to plant them in!

  2. :) They're YELLOW raspberries. *rolls eyes*.

  3. Love the pictures! Especially the waterfall. That's beautiful.

    Did you know that snails, i.e. the kind with houses, are protected in Switzerland? You're not allowed to intentionally kill them, for eating or no. /random fact

  4. Really? How weird! Is that just to show that the Swiss are not like the French, or is this a particularly frenzied bit of animal cruelty legislation?!

  5. Actually, the origins of the law are from a couple of decades ago when a lot of the asylum seekers and foreign workers decimated snail populations by going out and collecting them to eat. Plus, everyone with a garden was putting out snail bait to kill the ones around their veg patches off. They still do this and there are still a gazillion slugs around, but not so many snails. Both are slow and easy to catch, but only the snails are edible.